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Mediation: A WIN-WIN Solution to Litigation

Increasingly, alternative dispute resolution through mediation and arbitration is the preferred method of resolving legal conflicts. It offers many advantages over traditional litigation: It’s more efficient and cost-effective, and often results in a much swifter resolution than a lengthy court battle.

At Hassett Glasser, P.C., we have extensive experience with all types of alternative dispute resolution in Arizona, including mediation and arbitration. Our lawyers are deeply familiar with the nuances of these processes and how to make them successful. We represent business and professional clients in ADR involving a broad range of legal disputes, particularly insurance issues and professional malpractice defense.

Mediation And Arbitration Services

The firm’s founder, award-winning lawyer Myles P. Hassett, served as a court-appointed judge pro tempore for over a decade. He has published articles on the benefits of mediation and presented continuing legal education (CLE) seminars on alternative dispute resolution. He now serves as a mediator and arbitrator as well as an attorney.

In his role as a mediator, Mr. Hassett applies decades of highly honed problem-solving skills to facilitate creative solutions to complex legal problems. As an arbitrator, he applies his judicial experience to serve as a trusted independent adjudicator, making even-handed decisions in a fair and impartial manner.

The Benefits Of Mediation

Unlike litigation, which frequently results in a “winner” and a “loser,” mediation provides more flexibility in reaching win-win resolutions. The parties have more agency in shaping the outcome and with guidance from a skilled facilitator, they can find common ground and build from there to successfully resolve some or all facets of a dispute. Clients often report much greater satisfaction with the results of mediation than with continuing litigation.

Partner With Us For Your ADR Needs

Whether you are seeking a trusted arbitrator, mediator, or a lawyer who is experienced in ADR to represent you in those proceedings, you can have faith in our award-winning legal team. To learn more, please contact us through the website or call 602-264-7474.